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About Sofia

Sofia Kangas is a native Southern California girl with a rare gift of intense healing energy from a long familial line of healers. She was intuitively drawing master Reiki symbols long before she actually was trained and certified as a Reiki Master ten years ago. She is qualified in ThetaHealing™ and with her knowledge of energy she was able to heal from a painful and debilitating back injury, along with releasing herself from opioid dependence. She incorporates additional healing modalities for her clients, including powerful directed crystals, organic essential oils, and sound therapy. Sofia is an Ordained Minister and a certified practitioner in Access Consciousness (energy Face Lift and BARs). And all of her work is infused and amplified with the ancient healing energy of Aku-Dua. Sofia currently is the owner operator of the BeWell LasVegas Center. She is also the co-author of The Sola Sofia Method

SoLa SoFia MeThod book is Available on Amazon and Kindle! Never has a book on Reiki been so right on target and explain the true essence of energetic healing from a user-friendly and approachable authors.