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Reiki and Beyond, Spreading Healing Love and Light Medicine to¬†all who are ready for something more from this life we share. Connecting and Reminding what else is possible….

Serenity in the Desert, an escape to recharge your Body and Soul, based on the Japanese art-form of REiKi. Experience Healing Energy Shifts, bringing in Balance and Harmony on Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual levels. Opportunity to unlock the blocks of many root issues that can cause imbalances. Possible Results of Detoxification of the Mind and Spirit.

Holistic sessions help restore, awaken and heighten all your senses to promote healing and reconnect the energy life source within you. Modalities include: Reiki Session with Crystals, Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy infusion by Healing Energies of Love and Light from the Universal Life Force that surrounds us.

My hope, and intention, is that your experience leaves you feeling relaxed, revitalized and renewed. Its like recharging your personal life battery pack.

SoLa SoFia MeThod book is Available on Amazon and Kindle. Never has a book on Reiki been so right on target and explain the true essence of energetic healing from a user-friendly and approachable authors.